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The Most Valuable Thing I Could Show You:

Lisa and I are sharing  high-level sales and marketing strategies at the Las Vegas Experience Show on September 4, 5, 6, and 7, 2018, including what is possibly one of the most valuable things I could ever show you. I'm going to take you through my Levels Of Success Sales System.

I've never shown this to anyone but direct consulting clients.

And this will be only the second (and probably the last...) time I've presented this at a public event.

But in Vegas, I'll take you through it live, step-by-step at the "REAL SUCCESS FROM REAL CLEANERS" INTENSIVE."

My reputation as someone who makes large cleaners big money, is based on what I'll show YOU in Las Vegas.

It's so effective that I've worked strictly by referral only, for over 15 years, teaching it to some of the largest cleaning companies in our industry, and making many of them several hundred thousand dollars of increased profit each year.

Now it's YOUR turn, because you can learn all about it in Las Vegas.

Here's how it works:

  1. Just register for the Vegas Experience 2018 show before June 29, 2018. (Don't forget to book your hotel reservation and flight to come in early.)
  2. Claim your reserved seat at our 4-hour pre-show event on Tuesday afternoon (September 4th ).
  3. Bring a notebook! (We'll be moving fast and covering a LOT of ground)

Here's What You'll Get:

I'll be taking you through my in-person training class that I give to the employees of my direct-consulting clients. I'll be teaching all of the principles and techniques of my sales system.

The very same sales system that increases the average job size for most of my clients by $50 to $100 average per job.

This system has produced $25,000 to $50,000 of increased revenue PER VAN. (And remember: That's with Technicians... EMPLOYEES- using the system, not owners)

I'll take you through it, step-by-step. Using the SAME EXACT PowerPoint that I use with my consulting clients.

  • I'll show you why the program works
    (and why it works on everyone).
  • Exactly how it works
    (and how to make it work best).
  • How to train your people to use it
    (or how to use it yourself).
  • How people mess it up
    (and exactly what to do about it).
  • The most common objections to the program
    (and what to say to customers and employees that may have questions about it).


This is the program that built my reputation as someone who could make large companies in the cleaning industry, large amounts of real money very quickly.

A huge plus with this system is that it is simple enough to be used by average employees. You don't have a be a 'salesperson', or have a degree in psychology to use this. Most of my results with my clients have been with their employees using the system. (If you're an owner/operator it may work even better for you.)

The best thing about it is that the whole sales system is completely invisible and doesn't pressure your customers AT ALL!

You read that right. They won't even know you're using it!

It doesn't take a genius to come up with a sales program, many companies have them... maybe you even have one in your company right now.

But to come up with a program that can be run and used by EMPLOYEES, that doesn't turn customers off because it's pushing them...

That's rare.

And that's what you'll learn the Tuesday before The Experience in your special session with Lisa and me.

There Is A Cost For This Session-
But Maybe NOT For YOU:

There is a small cost for this session, it's $147 to attend... which considering the money that this program has made for cleaners... is a little ridiculously cheap if you ask me.

  • Many have paid tens of thousands of dollars to have me come in and teach this to their techs.
  • Many have paid over $5,000 to learn about this in my flagship Levels Of Success Program. (But they didn't learn it 'live' like you will.)

Here's How YOU Can Get It For Nothing:

All you have to do to get FULL ACCESS...

Is to register EARLY for The Experience in Vegas.

That's it.


Why Would I Do This?

I do have a reason for making a 'Can't-Say-No' offer like this:

Lisa and I are trying to make a point... AND a good impression.

You see this is the first time that Lisa and I are speaking as a part of The Vegas Experience show.

Since this is our first gig with a new show, (new for us...) we wanted to do something impressive.

So, we asked two simple questions:

  1. What's The Most Valuable Thing We Could Possibly Show You In Vegas? AND
  2. How Can We Get A Bunch Of People To Sign Up Early?

The most valuable thing I could show you?... That's easy... my sales system.

But to do it right it takes time to go through, about four hours to really lay it all out and do a good job of it. And of course there's no way we can teach a four-hour session at The Experience, it's way too long for a typical industry session.

So, we approached Larry Cooper with the idea of a paid, pre-show event. (Now that's nothing new, people have been doing those for years...)

What is different about this, is that this pre-show event will be ABSOLUTELY FREE for people that sign up early to come to the show.

If you're going to pay for the show anyway, why not register early, pay a lot less right now for the show, and get this for free besides?

And if you weren't planning on going to the show... THIS is the reason you should definitely find a way to be there.

So, if you're willing to make a commitment to actually going to the show, and you sign up early... not only will you save money on the show admission... but we'll reward you with something that's really valuable:

A high-level, paid event, with real content that's never been publicly seen before, that YOU GET TO ATTEND ABSOLUTELY FREE!

But That's Just My Part Of The Show- Just Wait Till You See What Lisa's Bringing To The Program...

Lisa will be showcasing REAL TACTICS from the REAL WORLD.

She'll be showing you what marketing is working right now for cleaning companies, featuring strategies that are being used successfully by cleaners today in the marketplace.

(You may even get to hear directly from some of these cleaners.)

So you walk away with an in-depth drill down into my sales system, the one that has produced tens of thousands of dollars of increased money from just one van. AND You get to learn about several proven marketing strategies that are working in the marketplace RIGHT NOW.

I don't see how you can afford to not be there.

Oh, and I almost forgot... Remember, you don't pay ANYTHING to be there, provided you take action now.

This thing's going to be epic. I'm really looking forward to seeing you there.

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